The Development History of China's Bag Industry

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bags is a collective term for all kinds of bags used to hold things, including general shopping bags, handbags, clutches, purses, backpacks, shoulder bags, satchels, waist bags and many more. Trolley case, etc.


The History of the Bags

With the continuous improvement of people's living and consumption level, all kinds of bags have become indispensable accessories around people. People demand that the package products not only be strengthened in practicality, but also the decoration has become the main expansion.

According to the change of consumers' taste, the materials of the bags are more diversified, and the bags of leather, PU, polyester, canvas, cotton and linen are leading the fashion trend. At the same time, in the era of more and more individuality, various styles such as simplicity, retro, and cartoon also cater to the needs of fashion people to show their individuality from different aspects. The styles of bags are also expanded from traditional business bags, school bags, travel bags, wallets, and sachets.



After 20 years of rapid development, China's bag industry has accounted for more than 70% of the world's share. China's bag industry has occupied a dominant position in the world, not only the global manufacturing center, but also the world's largest consumer market. The annual sales of China's bag products have reached 500 billion yuan.

China's packaging industry is facing unprecedented challenges. Under the impact of factors such as labor shortage, rising raw material prices, RMB appreciation and the accelerated pace of industrial transfer, it not only brought many unstable factors to the domestic and foreign sales of the package industry, but also caused the survival and development of the package exhibition industry to fall into a difficult situation. The embarrassing role indicates that the era of China's package exhibition industry reshuffle has come.

With the development of the bag manufacturing industry, China's bag industry exhibitions have also sprung up. In addition to the mainstream exhibitions in major cities such as Hong Kong, Guangzhou, Shanghai and Beijing, there are endless exhibitions in the luggage industry in major industrial bases. The scale and more mature exhibitions in Jinjiang, Wenzhou, Dongguan, Chengdu and other places.

After the 21st century, the number of Chinese enterprises to participate in domestic and foreign bag exhibitions has also increased, and a large number of Chinese enterprises have participated in almost every exhibition every quarter. Many companies have appeared at domestic and foreign exhibitions, which have played a very important role in promoting the production and trade of China's bag industry.


Industry Overview

China's packaging industry maintains a rapid growth trend, with an average annual compound growth rate of output value reaching 27.1%. There is a huge demand space in the international bag market, which directly promotes the export growth of China's bag products, making the bag export achieve a stable growth trend.

Chinese package enterprises should continuously improve their independent research and development capabilities and technical equipment level, enhance their marketing capabilities, expand export channels, further accelerate the pace of going global, gradually realize the transformation from product output to capital output and brand output, and create a group of Well-known brands at home and abroad, enhance the international competitiveness of products.

China's bag market has always been export-oriented, and the domestic market demand is relatively small. However, in the face of the new economic environment, this situation may be adjusted in the future. People require bag products not only to be strengthened in terms of practicality, but also to be expanded in decoration. China's economic level and per capita income are getting higher and higher, and the consumption power that is closely related to it will also increase. China's package decoration consumption is increasing at a rate of 33% every year, and the total market value is increasing rapidly. Bags are becoming one of the most promising industries after clothing and footwear. The growth rate of domestic bag market demand will accelerate, and the market prospect is broad.


About the Types of Bags

Car Bag

The original intention of the car bag design concept is that it will make the car cleaner and tidy, and at the same time, it will show the taste requirements and perception of life.

The unique opening and closing design of the car bag can be easily taken and placed without bending over. There are four "magic locks" at the bottom of the bag, and the combination lock design ensures the safety of valuables.


Travel Bag

A travel bag refers to a kind of bag product with the function of carrying clothes, which is made of various leather, artificial leather, synthetic leather, and textiles by hot pressing or vacuum forming, injection molding, and sewing. The capacity is large, the function is convenient to use, and the material has the characteristics of wear resistance, waterproof and corrosion resistance.


Canvas Bag

The canvas bag is a bag made of burlap, and its biggest feature is its durability. Its versatility is also favored by many people and can be matched with any outfit. Due to the good material of the bag, it is very strong and durable. With more and more design elements of canvas bags, canvas bags are basically versatile and can be matched with any clothing.


Hands with Travel Bag

Exaggerated hands with travel bags are also full of business. In terms of matching, it is recommended to choose a formal dress with vertical stripes. In terms of style, the double-breasted gun slap is the best. The vertical stripes will correct the proportion of the huge bag and the human body.



A dynamic backpack for younger business people. In terms of matching, it is recommended to choose a dark blue coat and red tie. The contrast between red and blue shows a little youthful vitality.


Traditional File Package

The traditional and classic file bag is a must-have style for business people. The delicate and soft leather, echoing the double-breasted leather trench coat, has geometric cutting lines and has a classic business charm.


Business Travel Bag

Making a traditional business bag bigger is your new season's hottest purchase. Choose a dark and fat leather bag, pay attention to choose a slightly bright tie, and the neckline of the shirt is best with a white turtleneck.



Portable and lightweight handbag, suitable for a slim dress version, the exaggerated gun neck neckline design will highlight the light texture of the handbag, and at the same time make you have some old-fashioned temperament.



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