How to Classify Travel Backpacks? Which Travel Backpack is Better?

The travel backpack is a kind of equipment used for travel, mainly for carrying various outdoor supplies. Travel backpacks can be divided into three types according to their capacity: large backpacks, medium backpacks, and small backpacks, as well as hiking bags, travel bags, special bicycle bags, back rack bags, and other types according to the type of sport. Generally speaking, when traveling alone, you can choose a backpack of about 25-35 liters.

What Are the Categories of Travel Backpacks

Classification by capacity size

1、Large backpack

Large backpack volume in more than 50 liters, suitable for medium and long-distance travel and more professional adventure activities, it can accommodate your camping activities required tent, sleeping bag, and sleeping pad.

2、Medium backpack

Medium-sized backpack volume is generally between 30~50 liters, these backpacks are more widely used, suitable for 2~4 days of wilderness travel, travel between cities, and some long-distance non-camping self-help travel. This type of backpacker accommodates carry-on clothing and daily necessities.

3、Small backpack

The volume of small backpacks is below 30 liters, these backpacks are generally used mostly in the city, but of course, for 1~2 days of excursions are also very suitable.


Classification by type of movement

1、Mountaineering bag

There are two types of mountaineering bags, one is a large backpack with a volume between 50 and 80 liters, and the other is a small backpack with a volume between 20 and 35 liters, also called an "assault bag". Large backpacks are mainly used for transporting mountaineering supplies in mountaineering, while small backpacks are generally used for high-altitude climbs or assault summits.

The back of the bag is designed according to the natural curve of the human body so that the bag body is close to the back of the person to reduce the pressure of the straps on the shoulders. This type of bag is a waterproof treatment, even in heavy rain will not leak. In addition, in addition to mountaineering, mountaineering bags are also widely used in other adventure sports (such as rafting, crossing deserts, etc.) and long-distance travel.

2、Travel backpack

Large travel backpacks are similar to hiking backpacks, but the shape of the backpack body is different. The front of the travel backpack can be opened all the way through the zipper, which is very convenient for taking and putting things.

3、Backpack for bicycle

Bicycle backpacks are divided into two types: hanging bag type and backpack type. Hanging bag type can either be carried on your back or hung on the front handlebar or rear rack of the bicycle. Backpack type is mainly used for bicycle touring which requires high speed riding. Bicycle bags come with reflective strips that reflect light to ensure safety when riding at night.

4、Back frame bag

These bags are made up of a bag body and an external aluminum frame, and are used to carry items that are large in size and do not easily fit into a backpack, such as a camera case.


Which Kind of Backpack is Suitable for Travel

1、When you go on a trip alone, you can choose a backpack of about 25-35 liters. When you take your family and children on a holiday, from the perspective of taking care of your family, you need to choose a backpack of about 40 liters, with more external systems to help your family carry umbrellas, cameras, food and other items.

2. Due to the different body sizes and load-bearing capacity of men and women, the choice of travel backpack is not quite the same. Generally, for short excursions of one or two days, a backpack of about 30 liters for both men and women will do. For long distance trips or camping trips of more than 2 to 3 days, if you want to choose a backpack of 45 to 70 liters or even bigger, generally men choose a 55 liter backpack and women choose a 45 liter backpack.

3. For single-day outings, cycling and hiking, choose a backpack of less than 30 liters. For two to three days camping, you can choose a 30-40 liter multifunctional backpack. For four days or more hiking, you can choose a backpack with more than 45 liters to put your tent, sleeping bag, tide pad and other travel equipment. In addition, backpacks used for general wilderness activities are different from those used for climbing high mountains. Backpacks used for mountaineering do not have many parts, so those who like mountaineering need to pay attention.


Final Advice

There is no best travel backpack, we need to choose the most suitable backpack according to actual needs. Hope this article can be helpful to you!

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