Guide to choosing a wine bag

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If wine is likened to a "wild horse" then the wine bag is his harness. The right and comfortable choice of wine bag is the wise choice. How can this be done? Please see below some suggestions for choosing wine bags

Selection of wine bags

Stylish look of wine bag

Wine bags are also called wine tote bags. Because it is something to take out of the house, it must not only be practical, comfortable to carry, but also stylish and stylish.
If you don't care about the style of the wine bag, then you can imagine that when you carefully dress and dress, but intend to use a plastic bag or a humble paper bag to hold the bottle of wine and go out for an appointment. Then the atmosphere of your date will be affected by your wine bag. So the wine bag style design we choose must be high-end atmosphere.

Comfort of the wine bag

The style of the wine bag has been selected, and the next thing to consider is how the person carrying the wine bag feels. Although the wine bag is also called a wine tote, after all, it is not the kind of handbag that a woman takes to go shopping. The comfort of the wine bag is very important! Whether the handle, shoulder strap or wheels on the wine bag will make the person comfortable is also a factor to consider. If the wine bag is also equipped with a corkscrew and even wine glasses and other accessories, the person holding the wine bag will feel tired.

Materials selected for wine bags

The ultimate purpose of our use of liquor bags is to securely deliver our precious wine to our destination. But the glass material of the wine bottle fragile fragile fragile, and the temperature requirements of the wine to the outside world is also very high, combined with these two points, we have to choose to protect the safety of the bottle, but also have the function of insulation.Available options include paper, canvas, leather, polyester style and more

Decide How Many Bottles

You can take wine to an impromptu wine party, hike away from the city, or simply have a meal at a friend's house. And we need to be clear about the number of people besides the occasion, or how many bottles of wine do you want to do? Going to parties, hiking, dinner? If the number is large or small, you must be clear. If you drink too much wine, you can't finish drinking, and you are tired; if you have too few wines, you do n’t have enough to drink. Therefore, the specifications and types of wine bags should also be selected, such as 1 bottle, 2 bottles, 6 bottles, oversized, picnic, or other categories.


We are a tote bag manufacturer from China.We are able to produce and customize the wine bags you need. Available options include paper, canvas, leather, polyester style and more. 
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